” Proud to be on your website, esp the Before and After shots in the Family Room. Such a dramatic shift – just what we needed!  We are beyond grateful for how you transformed this house to sell! Truly a labor of expertise and love you performed. Best to you, Jeanne. And thank you ever so much for your fine work and attention to detail. You are such a pro at this. Bravo! ”

-Marylea and Colin, Homeowners

“I couldn’t believe how fast my place sold in this market! My agent strongly advised me to work with Jeanne to turn my home into a “model” apartment – and that they did! It sold in less than a week. You did an outstanding job of adding new a look while incorporating a great deal of what already existed in the condominium. I cannot be more satisfied.”

-Joe Passanante, Homeowner

“Great news if you have not heard yet…we SOLD in just 1 week!!! My husband and I are extremely excited and relieved at how fast our place sold this time around, and a big part of it was your fabulous work! We definitely believe your company made it possible, and we wanted to thank you! I will definitely keep your number and refer my friends/family to your company. Thanks again ;-)”

-Anna & Daniel Kang, Homeowners

“When the staging was complete, one’s initial impression is that “it’s very depersonalized and no longer my home.” However, after a short amount of time, I realized the staging is perfect and works. Individuals viewing the property were able to vision it as they desire it to be, the effects were perfect for marketing purposes, and most importantly, our home sold within record time in a down market. ….”

-Denise Kover, Homeowner

“Thanks for all the quality work you did. The place looked a lot better when you got done, and you got it sold!”

-Gary Erickson, Homeowner

“Thank you for doing such a wonderful job and working around our crazy contractors! The unit is just gorgeous!”

-Amy Hijjawi, Homeowner

“You guys are great. Thanks for the help. I got an offer! Keep your fingers crossed!!”

-Mitch Krebs, Developer