5 Reasons to Hire Us

Are you looking to hire a home staging professional? Look no further! Décor Colorado has 18 years of experience in the home staging industry, and can quickly transform your space from ordinary to inspiring!

Our tag line, “Inspiring Buyers…..giving Sellers the edge” says it all. We’ll help you attract buyers!!

Keep reading for more reasons to hire Décor Colorado Home Staging….

1) Talent and Experience

Take a peek at our Before and After page to see our talent and experience in action!

2) Wide Range of Pricing Solutions

Décor Colorado provides reasonable pricing and various staging solutions to suit your needs. We have services for any budget! See our Senior Staging Services category for special services for Seniors citizens and Veterans too.

3) Quick and Efficient

Décor Colorado is responsive to your time table. The job will be done quickly so you can get it listed and SOLD….and when you need it out, it’s OUT so you can proceed to the closing table.

4) Professionalism

Kate and Scout and the Décor Colorado team always exercise the utmost professionalism in their interaction with you and your seller. Having a history in real estate, Décor Colorado knows the importance of your relationship with your seller. You may have confidence that working with Décor Colorado will enhance the quality of service you provide as a realtor.

5) All Furnishings are owned by us

No ho-hum stagings here. We own all furniture and accessories and freshen our inventory regularly to keep each staging on-trend.