Home Redesign

Do you dream of a beautifully decorated home? You can have it!

A pleasing and harmonious home environment is a wonderful thing.  But sometimes one isn’t quite sure how to make their vision come to life.     Décor Colorado can help you translate your unique taste into the home of your dreams at a fraction of the cost of an interior designer.  Décor Colorado will visit your home, walk through with you and listen attentively to your ideas.  Then we’ll establish your needs and work within your budget.  You can choose from either of the following approaches:

We can work with your existing furnishings and accessories to bring an entirely new feel to your living space.   You’d be surprised to see what we can do without purchasing a thing!


Décor Colorado will source and shop for you (or with you!) for what you would like to add to your décor  –  furniture, art, window treatments, lighting, you name it   –   edit what you already have, and pull it all together.

Your  beautiful new surroundings will reflect YOUR taste and meet the needs of YOUR lifestyle.